Jamba Juice Energy Drink - Morning Orange Juice Beware...

 I resigned myself to the news that AMP Juice was forever gone from my local convenience store (damn you QuickCheck). Why? I really can't tell you. Personally, I can't imagine a more natural combination than Caffeine + Juice. The only thing better would have been fresh squeezed orange juice or maybe a Jamba Juice.

Fast forward a few weeks and BAM! there it was. Jamba Juice Energy Drink. It was hidden in the top left of the fridge, the 8.4oz bottle dwarfed by the 16oz Amps and Monsters surrounding it. I honestly ignored the cans the first few times I saw them, the artwork is less that appealing and looks more like a 99cent store knockoff then a legit energy drink.

I did in the end grab a can and was stunned to see the word JAMBA scrawled across the top, could it be? Juice is back? Yes my friends it is. Well at least 70% back.

Jamba comes in three flavors
Blueberry Pomegranite
Strawberry Banana
Crisp Apple

I love the blueberry pomegranite

Ingredients in Jama Juice Energy Drink by Nestle
Apple Juice, Pomegranate Juice and Lemon Juice (water, juice concentrates), water, blueberry puree, apple puree, natural flavor, caffeine, green tea extract, extract of stevia, carbonation added.

Now, this drink is good because it's delicious, not because it will get me through an all nighter. It has 80mg of caffeine which is about the same found in a small can of Red Bull, but it lacks Red Redbull's B-vitamins and taurine leaving little comparison.

If your looking for delicious and a buzz Try Amp.