Sorry Barry ... No One Believes Your That Dumb

Barry Bond's defense needs an injection, his story isn't that strong.

At his federal trial Barry Bond's defense took the position that he was not aware he was using steroids. They took the position that Bonds thought he was only injesting flaxseed oil and rubbing artritis cream on his body during the time he was rewriting home run records. It might sound ridiculous, but anything is possible. I wanted to give this defense a try.

I get where Barry Bonds is comming from, often its impossible to be sure of what something is when there isn't a label. In those situations we are forced to rely on our senses and trust. We have all been through it...

Is the soda Coke or Coke zero?
Is the beer in the cup Corona or water?
Is the coffee def-caf?
Is it Gum or Nicorette?

If something isn't labeled we just don't know, at first. It takes only a short time before we get fat, drunk, energetic, or dizzy and the truth becomes apparent. Almost anyone is smart enough to figure these things out. Which leaves me with a thought about the trial.

Barry Bond's defense is to convince us he's a moron.

Lets look at what the substances he "claimed" he was taking do compared to what he has been accused of taking. Is there any possibility this slugger can say with a straight face that he was unaware?

He Claims...
Flaxseed Oil (Linseed Oil) - High levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acid - when fatty acids are balanced propery it promotes an anti-inflammatory environment.

           Might have less swelling around joints, greater range of motion.

    Artritis Cream - (may contain)
    Capsaicin - From chili peppers, causes the burning sensations which depletes pain neurons of neurotransmitters
    Salicylates - Asprin pain reliever
    Menthol - Hot or cold sensations on the skin

              Might feel less pain at joints for a short amount of time.

      Accused of and Tested Positive for...
      Anabolic-androgenic steroids:
      Tetrahydrogestrinone - Super potent form testosterone which wasn't FDA approved in the early 00's
      Methenolone - Acts like/becomes Testosterone
      Nandrolone - Acts like/becomes Testosterone

                Anger / Mania
                Incredible Muscle growth and strength gains
        Agents to counteract the effect of very high testosterone

                  Growing and Shrinking testicles and sex drive
          The idea that Bonds somehow confused steroids for flax seed oil and arthritis cream is so sad that the
          assistant U.S. Attorney Matt Parrella called such claims "ridiculous and unbelievable" during his opening statements.

          It's my opinion that Mr. Parrella went easy.